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Model No.: DA-VICIN Z05D
1.With high-tech,humanization philosophy built up together;
2.Lordliness,appear the professional massagists’ strength as well as enjoy with you;
3.With humanization both hands controlling, touch your spirit’s musical rhythm.
4.With unique design style, make your feelings upgrade completely from inside to outside.
5.With innovative massage method combined perfectly
6.Neck, shoulder, back, and waist: adopting new-type kneading cassette mechanism
7.Haunch: with large power vibrating structure, and gasbag massage.
8.Thigh: with double-layer overlapping gasbag.
9.Crus: with multi-gasbag
10.Feet: with automatic heating equipment
11.Arm: with extrusion gasbag
12.“one-key mode” four massage processes.
13.According to the peoples” life pressure and working pressure,we set up four ordinary
Full automatic massage processes. Each time using, as long as you choose your favourite
Program and press simply, you can enjoy it.
1.Recover your tiredness
2.Comfort Massage
3.Recreational Massage
4.Improving Ache
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